The Dominant Toplaners

18 Feb

Becoming toplaner in professional League of Legends can be a thankless job at times. Everyone talks about the flashy plays on the midlaner, or the excellent technical ability of the botlaner, although there’s rarely praise for the consistent teamfight presence in the toplaner.

The spectator camera rarely roams up to check out the fighting on the “island” at the top of Summoner’s Rift, nonetheless that doesn’t mean they’re not doing an important job for the team. Here are a few of the best players who were holding it down right up there in 2020.

Martin “Wunder” Hansen

Wunder features played in the LEC for five years, and has picked up four European titles, so there’s no denying his / her experience and consistency. In 2020, G2 Esports was hugely successful once again, and Wunder held it affordable in the toplane.

His stats were particularly impressive in the Spring Season, when he was second in the league relating to kills, deaths, and assists, with a 4. 12 KDA. G2 are known for their aggression, and their love of arguing together is shown in Wunder’s assists. On average, the guy got 8. 5 assists per game in spring and coil, a significantly larger figure than any other toplaner inside the league.

Often content to let Rasmus “Caps” Winther in addition to formerly Luka “Perkz” Perković take a lot of the achievements, Wunder is the ultimate team player, soaking up pressure and preparing his team up for success.

He’s also hugely versatile. The guy played more unique champions than any other toplaner from the LEC with 13 different champions played across 15 games in the Summer Season. Wunder even got himself a player of the game award this year’s World Championship, which have been usually seemingly reserved for midlaners, botlaners, or junglers.

G2 still have a top notch team going into 2021, and Wunder will be just 22-years-old, so you can expect to see him dominate the top part lane for some time to come.

Andrei “Orome” Popa

Orome highlighted off his versatility in 2020. MAD Lions previously had a good year overall, and Orome put in great general performance after great performance in the top lane as they accepted the ranks. Just in terms of pure KDA, Orome seemed to be third out of the LEC’s toplaners in the Spring Season, plus was ranked first in summer.

And much like Wunder, Orome has been showing off his diverse champion pool with 2020. He played 12 separate heroes back in originate, the most out of his fellow toplaners, and was in place there with 11 in summer too. Renekton was a favourite of Orome’s in the latter half of the year, and he went undefeated across five games with The Butcher on the Sands.

That contributed to Orome’s survivability as well. 2020 often saw toplaners battling it out for supremacy without much bloodshed. Getting ganks from the jungle or mid blevins was the usual method for getting kills, but Orome appeared to be excellent at avoiding that, dying on average just 83 times per game as MAD Lions stormed their way to a second-place finish in the standings.

Once such a good year, it’s surprising that he’s happen to be tapped for BT Excel in the Northern League for Legends Championship (NLC) rather than an LEC team around 2021. However , it seems unlikely that Orome will go with no LEC starting spot for very long.

Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau

Bwipo is always positive in the face of adversity. The spotlight includes often been on Bwipo since he joined Fnatic back in 2018. He is always the first to point out his own slips, but more often than not, Bwipo has remained one of the best toplaners inside LEC over the last few years.

2020 was a challenging year at a time for Fnatic, and that is sometimes reflected in Bwipo’s stats. But after a disappointing 9/9 finish in the Summer Season, levels of performance and results started to improve.

When it came to the World Championship, Bwipo ended up as a top five toplaner in terms of KDA, showing off his particular Volibear skills in particular. He also picked up a player with the game award, and was unfortunate not to make the semi-finals at Worlds as Fnatic played out a aggravating 3-2 series against Top Esports.

If there’s an individual man in the LEC who epitomises positivity, and the capacity pick yourself up after a defeat and continue to complete at a high level, it’s Bwipo, and we can’t wait to see the way in which he performs in 2021.

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