A Go-To Senna Guide

18 Feb

Senna Guide has been one of the most highly contested marksman picks in both the particular Spring and Summer seasons of 2020, and boasted the highest pick rate of all marksmen during the LEC Summer months Playoffs 2020. Let’s find out what makes her such a great priority pick for top teams across the globe.

Senna Abilities

Senna’s unaggressive is Absolution. This is what makes Adc Senna such a scaling fantastic. Attacking enemy champions twice grants you a soul. Those souls increase Senna’s attack damage, critical strike option, and attack range. You’ll often see Senna Guide online players taking advantage of this by focing short, two attack promotes in lane in order to quickly gain a soul. It should be noted that enemies also drop souls when they die.

AD Senna’s Q, Piercing Darkness, shoots in a straight line, treatment herself and any allies hit while also pessimistic enemies. Piercing Darkness can target pretty much anything. Be on the lookout for creative angles to hit enemies who would normally get out of range by casting onto an ally, any ward, or a tower. Piercing Darkness also triggers on-hit effects such as Black Cleaver. Luka “Perkz” Perković purposes this to great effect, and will often try to poor and catch out opponents at extended ranges by just casting Piercing Darkness through minions in order to activate typically the Glacial Augment rune.

Last Embrace deals damage to the best enemy struck and, after a brief delay, roots virtually all enemies in a small area. This effect happens immediately if your enemy struck by Last Embrace dies. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson will try to use this to his advantage in addition to attempt to start off a fight onto his opponents, and also stop them in their tracks instantly by executing some sort of nearby minion with Last Embrace.

Curse of the Black color Mist allows Senna Guide to dive into the mist, designing an area of mist around her. Any allies while in the mist are camouflaged and cannot be seen by opponents, while teammates who leave the mist will appear when untargetable wraiths to the enemy for a short duration, or up to the point cancelled by casting a spell or attacking. Whereas Curse of the Black Mist is active, Senna Guide is definitely untargetable by enemies unless they are within the area. This could certainly often allow Senna to escape from dangers, such as appearing targeted by auto-attacks and abilities, which might put their in a tough spot.

Here’s an example of Perkz using Bane of the Black Mist to get G2 out of danger plus away from an engage threat from Rogue.

LoL Senna’s The most, Dawning Shadow, shields all allies struck and destroys all enemies caught in the centre of the blast. Dawning Shadow is also a global ability, meaning that it can be used to assist the team from anywhere on the map. Perkz and Rekkles is going to almost always use Dawning Shadow at the start of a teamfight to reinforce their allies up and to deal some initial difficulties for the grouped up enemies. You’ll often see them all using it to aid in one-on-one battles across the map offer you their teammate the edge, or to snipe a free kill at a low health enemy.

Skill Max Guide

There is no legitimate discussion to be had when it comes to your skill order for Senna Guide. We will use Perkz on LoL Senna vs MAD Lions with game two of the Summer Playoffs Quarter-finals as an example. Perkz prioritises points in Piercing Darkness for the damage and restoration it provides. This is Senna’s best waveclear and DPS product within her kit, with the added bonus of an Region of Effect heal for her whole team.

Next, he makes a decision to max Last Embrace for the shorter cooldown and a lot more damage. This allows him to crowd control (CC) adversaries and look for picks onto the opponents more often. Curse belonging to the Black Mist is left for last as it gives you no real combat potency, which is essential for a marksman. Being a complete utility spell, it makes sense that it is left towards last. Dawning Shadow gets points when possible for levels 6, 11, and 16.

Senna Runen

Rekkles, Perkz, and every pro who plays Senna Guide in the marksman situation all agree that her best keystone rune can be Glacial Augment. That's usually followed up with Magical Slippers, Biscuit Delivery, and Approach Velocity.

Magical Footwear will allow players to focus on those essential core items without the need for the additional 300 gold on boots. Biscuit Delivery is a popular rune for laning as it gives sustain to both into the mana, which can help in more aggressive lanes. Approach Velocity synergises with their keystone rune and Last Embrace’s root, granting movement speed towards impared enemies. They will normally follow up with the Precision tree, taking Presence of Mind which happens to be usually followed by Legend: Alacrity or Cut Down depending on should the enemy has a lot of tanks or not.

Rekkles used the rune page to take down G2 in game probably their best-of-five series during the recent LEC Summer Season Semi-finals.

Senna Item Build

Let’s see how Perkz managed to pick up a new win on Senna Guide against Rogue in their best-of-five while in the Summer Season Semi-finals. He starts out with a Doran’s Blade together with a health potion for lane. He rushes for a Tear of the Goddess and Pickaxe to build into Manamune. Once picking up Swiftness Boots, Perkz focuses on dealing damage, choosing a Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Duskblade of Draktharr as his / her core mid game items. He rounds out his particular build with a Rapid Firecannon and an Executioner’s Naming, which he would’ve upgraded into Mortal Reminder whenever he had time before finishing the game.

This build lets Senna to make great use of her range and ones own attack damage by focusing on Lethality items, while at the same time aiding the team in getting picks and poke damage with the assistance of Rapid Firecannon’s extended range working well in tandem through Senna’s passive, Absolution.

This was a very aggressive build right from Perkz, forgoing most of the defensive items we tend to see regarding Senna and focusing on pure damage due to his predicament within the game. You may see other examples of both Perkz and Rekkles going for more utility based items including Black Cleaver, Quicksilver Sash, and Edge of Day when they feel the need for those extra defensive stats or application. Senna is more flexible than other marksmen in what she will build, due to not needing to focus on crit items.

Senna Laning Guide

Laning with Senna Guide usually depends on what her guidance can do for her in lane. Bot is a two audio device lane, so it can be quite hard to generalise how to play atlanta divorce attorneys matchup. That being said, there are some things that you should aim to do in a wide range of game.

Senna Guide

Senna loves short trades where she is allowed to yoink a soul from her opponent and keep your distance to safety. Paired with a high damage, crowd control on target support, Senna is able to take strong trades with the ability to additional information on CC with Last Embrace. Playing with supports just like these can make it incredibly hard for your opponents to take advantage of Senna’s otherwise quite weak early phase.
You will almost always look at Rekkles and Hylissang going for all-in fights early on around lane in order to try and create a strong lane state for those Senna Adc early on. In this example, you can see them getting a remove at level one.

Team fighting as Senna

Senna plays a very passive role in team fights, usually auto-attacking often the closest target to her while weaving in her skill sets, trying not to overextend or risk getting caught out for position. The outcome of a fight can be decided by the way in which well Senna utilises Dawning Shadow. If it blocks the vast majority of damage from, say, an Orianna’s Shockwave for example , it previously was likely very well utilised.

Knowing when and how to use First; basic; elementary; introductory; rudimentary; beginning Shadow comes down to how well the player understands the current adventure state. Most often, you’ll see Perkz and Rekkles make use of to help their team soak up damage during the engage that can help get the fight started, and other times they may use it mid-fight to finish off a low health opponent, or to shield most of their ally for a clutch save. It really all depends on the say of the game and heat of the moment decision making.

Senna Guide also gives her team the option of chasing fleeing predators, or aiding her team in escaping a beat thanks to Curse of the Black Mist. The movement quickness increase can be a huge difference maker in these instances.

Here is an illustration of this a well played team fight from Perkz’s Senna Guide. G2 surprises MAD as Perkz allows his team to interact a fight from stealth via Curse of the Charcoal Mist. He follows up on the CC with Survive Embrace, keeping Shen locked in place. He then uses Initial[a/n]: primary; first; basic; elementary; introductory; rudimentary; beginning Shadow to help his team soak up the incoming ruin from MAD, allowing them to win the fight and risk-free Baron.

Conclusion on the Senna Guide

Senna is a strong utility marksman benefit using scale infinitely due to her Absolution passive. Her vary and poke damage are unmatched upon reaching the the later part of game, andher incredible utility in the form of healing, shielding, CC, and a team wide stealth makes her a great choice in about any situation. Consider picking Senna Guide if you wish to support your squad while still being a damage dealer in the marksman job.

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